Liquid Pop: pop and abstraction

フランシス真悟・Jimi Gleason・Joe Goode

1/11 - 2/16/2013



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Liquid Pop

The history of Californian art is often overlooked in American art history perhaps because of the geographic distance from the New York and European art scene during and after World War II. Nonetheless, Californian art history is rich, unique, and influential to the larger art scene of the United States. This exhibition does not investigate this fact or reveal anything in particular, but simply showcases three artist who have developed their studio practice with each artist being aware of one another's art while working and living California.

Joe Goode's work combines elements of pop art and abstract expressionism and is a pioneering figure in the 60's LA art scene. Jimi Gleason is an artist who developed his practices in the 80's, and at one point Joe's studio assistant. Shingo Francis similarly began his studio practice and art activities in Los Angeles in the 1990's. Both Joe and Jimi continue to live and work in California while Shingo currently works in New York and Japan.

The development of a studio practice is very important element for all three artists for their creativity. This process and experience in the studio setting influence and challenge these artists to develop their artwork. Joe includes everyday objects in his artwork such as a renowned art piece "milk bottle". This simplicity may be the best way Goode expresses his interest in everyday objects in his art practice. Jimi and Shingo create artworks, which look simple as Goode's work, yet they utilize light, color and shadow to express a subjective content. The relationship between the space and artwork somehow yields both physical and psychological communication with the audience.



Shingo FrancisJimi GleasonJoe Goode

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