In Search of the Crying Lady
In Search of the Crying Lady

IPG Project

In Search of the Crying Lady




展覧会概要 *English below


この度、KOKI ARTSではIPGの日本初個展「In Search of the Crying Lady」(泣く女を求めて)を開催致します。



In Search of the Crying Lady」は、2011年、スロバキアで行われたプロジェクトです。スロバキアの田舎では、人の死後から葬式までの間にプロの「嘆き人」を雇う習慣があったという言い伝えがあります。このプロジェクトの当初の目的は、人生が終わった後に訪れる「嘆き人」の存在と実態について調査するものでしたが、結局、見つけることができませんでした。しかし、それは一つの伝統の終わりを示唆しているのかもしれません。本展では、「嘆き人」を探す旅の間に撮影されたものの中から10点ほどを展示致します。



KOKI ARTS is pleased to announce IPG's first exhibition in Japan, "In Search of the Crying Lady". 

IPG is an experimental collaborative project between two photographers, Yoshi and Tamara Kametani (both residing in New Jersey). IPG projects consist of documenting images the two stumble across and find interesting during their journey in a certain place. The results created are often images that are poetic and even ethereal.


"In Search of the Crying Lady" was a project that took place in Slovakia in 2011. It has been said that the tradition of hiring professional mourners to lament the deceased until the day of the funeral still existed in some parts of Slovakia. The project's initial goal to find and research these professional mourners ultimately failed as they could not find any traces of them. This result, however may perhaps suggest the death of a tradition. This exhibition will showcase approximately 10 images Yoshi and Tamara had encountered during their search for the ritual mourners.