Amanda Valdez: Rattle Around

この度、KOKI ARTSではアマンダ・ヴァルデズの個展「Rattle Around」を開催致します。本展では、新作ペインティングを7点展示致します。


アマンダ・ヴァルデズ (1982年生まれ)は、2007年にシカゴ・アート・インスティテュートを卒業後、2012年にハンターカレッジを修了。ニューヨークで制作しています。現在、ヘックシャー美術館で個展が開催されております。近年の主な展示では、the Landing (2019年)、Denny Dimin Gallery (2018年)、Dot Fiftyone (2017年)、KOKI ARTS (2016年)での個展、September Gallery (2019年)、the Landing (2018年)、E.TAY Gallery (2017年)、Denny Dimin Gallery (2016年)でのグループ展、美術館での個展では、ヘックシャー美術館 (2020年)とアマースト大学ミード美術館 (2016年)があります。Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts、Joan Mitchell Center、MacDowell Colony、Yaddoなど名声のあるアーティスト・イン・レジデンスを経験、Joan Mitchell Foundation、New York Foundation for the Arts、2011 College Art Association MFA Professional-Development Fellowshipから助成を得ています。またロサンゼルス・タイムズ、ザ・ストレンジャー、ブルックリン・レイル、フォーブス、ハフィントンポスト、Paper Magazine、ARTnews、Art F City、Hyperallergic、New American Paintingsなど数多くのメディアでも取り上げられています。


KOKI ARTS is pleased to announce Amanda Valdez's second solo exhibition in Japan, Rattle Around. This exhibition will showcase 7 new paintings.

Incorporating nontraditional materials associated with women’s craft coming together with the materials of painting, a historically male-dominated form, Valdez's drawings and shapes have always emerged from her personal somatic experiences. As the paintings in this exhibition are the first body of work she has created since giving birth to her first child, the shapes and materials continually intersect, nestle, emerge, fracture, vibrate, and glow within themselves.

AMANDA VALDEZ (b.1982) received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007 and her MFA from Hunter College in 2011. Valdez lives and works in New York. Valdez is currently having a solo exhibition at the Heckscher Museum of Art. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Landing (2019), Denny Dimin Gallery (2018), Dot Fiftyone (2017), and KOKI ARTS (2016); group shows at September Gallery (2019), the Landing (2018), E.TAY Gallery (2017), and Denny Gallery (2016); and museum solo shows at the Heckscher Museum of Art (2020), and the Mead Art Museum, Amherst College (2016). Valdez has received prestigious artist residencies at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, the Joan Mitchell Center, MacDowell Colony, and Yaddo. She has received grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts, and the 2011 College Art Association MFA Professional-Development Fellowship. She has been featured in the LA Times, The Stranger, The Brooklyn Rail, Forbes, Paper Magazine, ARTnews, Art F City, Huffington Post, Hyperallergic, and New American Paintings, among others.