Evan Nesbit エヴァン・ネスビット

Variable Dimensions


展覧会概要 *English below

この度、KOKI ARTSではエヴァン・ネスビット「Variable Dimensions」展を開催致します。展覧会名は、作品の寸法が変則的なときに表記される言葉、「dimensions variable」から由来しています。本展の作品は、一つ一つの作品の根本的な質を変化させるために、寸法が不規則であったり、少し斜めであったり、ペアになったりしています。


エヴァン・ネスビット(1985年生まれ)は、サンフランシスコ・アート・インスティテュートを卒業後、2012年にエール大学を主席で修了しました。直近の展示では、ロサンゼルスでのRoberts and Tiltonでの個展、イタリア、ナポリのAnnarumma Galleryでのグループ展などがあります。


KOKI ARTS is excited to announce Evan Nesbit's solo exhibition, "Variable Dimensions". The title of the show is taken from dimensions of a work that has an irregular format, usually described as "dimensions variable". The paintings in the show are each based on a similar format, slightly askew or paired off to change the dimensional description and primary qualities of each painting. 

Interested in the cognitive physicality of vision, Nesbit uses the combination of color, texture, and volume to create works extending beyond the edge of the canvas in a haptic and sensorial relationship with the viewer. The physicality of the paintings along with their irregular format seek to disrupt the pictorial in favor of distinct object qualities. In these paintings, process and material foreground basal gestures and formal relationships between paintings that are both physical and visual.

EVAN NESBIT (b.1985) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute, and his Masters of Fine Arts from Yale University, 2012. Nesbit has been awarded the Yale University Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Prize for painting. He lives and works in Nevada County, California. Evan has shown most recently at Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles, USA and Annarumma Gallery in Naples, Italy.