Morio Shinoda 篠田守男


4/20 - 5/31/2014 


展覧会概要 *English Below


この度、KOKI ARTSでは篠田守男「WALL」展を開催致します。



本展では、篠田守男のライフワークである「Tension and Compression」シリーズとは別の新作を展示致します。「WALL」シリーズは、これまでの緊張感を保ちながら重力を操るような作品とは一転して、重力そのものと共に存在しているかのような作品です。「Tension and Compression」シリーズのフォルムとは別の魅力を堪能頂ければ幸いです。また立体作品とは別に、1955年に彫刻を始めてから現在に至るまで、制作用に描いてきたデッサンによる作品も展示致します。





KOKI ARTS is proud to host Morio Shinoda's solo exhibition "WALL".

Morio Shinoda is a sculptor who achieved international acclaim with his sculptures having floating objects suspended in mid-air, causing a stir in the art scene. In 1966, he represented Japan at the Venice Biennale, and has been successful internationally ever since.

This exhibition will showcase new works that do not belong to the "Tension and Compression" series, which is Shinoda's lifework. The "WALL" series, unlike the sculptures that appear to control gravity with a sense of tenseness, seems as if it is in harmony with gravity. Besides from the new sculptures, prints depicting the sketches Shinoda has been drawing for each sculpture he had made since 1955 will be exhibited.

Artist's Statement

During the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011, my home was partly destroyed. I was away on a business trip. I was not able to return home for two months, and many lives were lost. This was due to the destroyed walls. I had once heard that Wall Street in NY once had real walls to protect the city. I wish to dedicate my works, which of course are progressions of what I have been creating up to this day, as a requiem for the terrible events that occurred around my birthday.


Morio Shinoda