Feel the Surge
Feel the Surge

Tomonari Nakayashiki 中屋敷智生





展覧会概要 *English Below


この度、KOKI ARTSは中屋敷智生「Surge」展を開催致します。
中屋敷 智生
KOKI ARTS is excited to announce Tomonari Nakayashiki's solo exhibition, "Surge".
This exhibition will showcase 7 paintings, including new works.
The landscapes Nakayashiki depicts are not your ordinary landscape paintings. There is always an element of fantasy portrayed in his landscapes, and in most cases these pieces are depicted with an audacious composition. The rainbows and skies, which occupy a good portion of the picture, are expressed using vivid colors, and an energetic "force" can be perceived from them. In contrast to the intensity created by this "force", a tranquility of silence is simultaneously evident in the landscapes. The viewer is able to experience the fantastic world of these woven stories.
Nakayashiki has been exhibiting mainly in the Kansai area since 2000, and this will be his first solo exhibition in Tokyo.
Artist's Statement
I depict "a certain landscape" on the canvas.
The landscapes I create are not immediately painted after I encounter them somewhere. I also do not paint them realistically like a photograph.
The landscapes are carefully stored in my memory and through my experiences like a fermentation, as they are brewed to become the landscapes I wish to paint.
The landscapes selected from these are depicted with the reality and symbols of my drive to paint, imagination, and a storyline all put together.
As the coincidences created by brush strokes and paint movements overlap and intertwine with various factors, "a certain landscape" is born.
Tomonari Nakayashiki