Telephone Poles
Telephone Poles

William Steiger ウィリアム・スタイガー

Window Seat




展覧会概要 *English Below
この度、KOKI ARTSは、ウィリアム・スタイガーの日本初個展「Window Seat」を開催致します。
「Window Seat」では新作コラージュを20点ほど展示致します。
ニューヨークのMargaret Thatcher Projectsを含む、複数のアメリカのギャラリーに所属しているスタイガー氏は、国外でも発表しています。彼のやや図形的なアメリカの風景は、世界共通であるノスタルジアを引き出すと同時に、鑑賞者を違う場所と時間に瞬間移動させます。彼のミニマル的な要素がある作品は、鋭い線やエッジによってつくられており、厳選された色は彼の鑑賞者への意図を強調しているかのようです。ウィリアム・スタイガーは、来日し10月18日のレセプションに参加致します。
東京 2013
2013 Margaret Thatcher Projects, Lucky, New York, NY
2013 Koki Arts, Window Seat, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Gallery Ihn, In Plain View, Seoul, Korea
2011 Roy Boyd Gallery, Rolling Stock, Chicago, IL
2011 Pace Prints, Nickel Plate, New York, NY
2011 Margaret Thatcher Projects, Manufactory, New York, NY
2010 Marcia Wood Gallery, Whirl, Atlanta, GA
2010 Margaret Thatcher Projects, New Collages, New York, NY
KOKI ARTS is proud to announce William Steiger's first solo exhibition in Japan, "Window Seat".
Window Seat will showcase approximately 20 of Steiger's new collages.
Represented by many galleries in the United States including Margaret Thatcher Projects in New York, Steiger has also exhibited internationally. His somewhat geometric American landscapes have a universal feeling of nostalgia, and simultaneously transport the viewer to a different time and place. His minimalist images are created using sharp lines and edges, and the careful selection of colors seems to strengthen his intentions for the viewer. William Steiger will be present at the opening reception on October 18th.
Window Seat
Tokyo 2013
The medium of collage offers the opportunity to build upon the themes of my paintings, to expand my vision with more playful and exploratory images that are intimate in scale.
The tools and materials I use determine the size of the work as the old books, manuscripts, maps, and found paper employed are relatively small in size. My work table is an ordinary desk, and everything else I need; X-acto blades, a glue bottle, small tubes of gouache paint, fits in a shoebox. This portability provides me a sense of freedom in the work and the chance to develop the images in different locations. For example, the collages for this exhibition were created in both Manhattan and on a small island off the coast of Maine.
Precision has always been an important element in my art. I find straight edges and visual order to be liberating devices. I am particular about colors, shapes, and in the case of collage, finding the right material for each image. Ideally the different paper elements both enhance the pictorial space and flatten it, perhaps even providing an alternative narrative.
The precision of the knife blade allows the compositions to be pieced together like a delicate jigsaw puzzle whose picture is revealed only when the last piece is placed in exactly the right spot.
William Steiger