Julia Bland
Julia Bland

Eyes Off the Flag

An Unofficial YALE University MFA, Painting Thesis 2012

5/25 - 6/23/2012



展覧会概要 *English Below

 この度、Motus FortとKOKI ARTSでは米国イェール大学2012年美術学修士課程(MFA)修了展(ペインティング)から選ばれた10名の作家の展覧会を、共同開催致します。「Eyes Off The Flag」は、マーク・トーマス・ギブソン(イェール大学美術学修士課程在学中、2013年修了見込)によってキュレーションされました。本展覧会は、現代の文脈における絵画へのチャレンジに焦点を当てた展示となっております。ペイント、絵を描くこと、そして絵の観念は、今日の世界でどのように関連性を保たれているのでしょうか。Evan Nesbit、Tameka Norris、Kenneth Rivero、Doron Lagberg、Eric Mack、Joyce Kalema、Julia Bland、Rushern Baker、Ronny Quevedo、そしてAmy Rinaldi らの今回の作品は、国、経歴、方針、人種などは情報としては存在していますが、作家自身はそれによって制限、もしくはある特定のアイデンティティーの代表としてではなく、彼等の暮らす社会文化的関心をあくまでも客観的な立場から示すことにとどまります。


Motus Fort and KOKI ARTS are pleased to host a selection from the graduating Yale University MFA, Painting program 2012. Eyes Off the Flag is curated by Mark Thomas Gibson— a Yale MFA Painting, 2013, candidate. This congregation focuses on the expanding challenge of painting in contemporary context. How does the notion of paint, painting, or a painting expand and remain relevant in today’s world? The works selected from Evan Nesbit, Tameka Norris, Kenneth Rivero, Doron Lagberg, Eric Mack, Joyce Kalema, Julia Bland, Rushern Baker, Ronny Quevedo, and Amy Rinaldi exemplify a contemporary world where nationality, background, orientation, race... may be informants of practice, but do not limit or typecast the artist as representational of any particular group-identity and take a secondary position at most, thus signifying, not representing, many their backgrounds and socio-cultural interests. 

These paintings were selected to challenge assumptions about what painting should or can be, and where it can lead. Questions pushed these artists to challenge basic assumptions and never accept given. Even if the questions appear dumb, basic or flippant, this constant questioning of status quo offers new paths to take in the future of painting, and provides continual guidance. Why should a painting be a rectilinear form? Why pictographic? Why flat? What is paint? Texture? How does it exist; what about display? What role, if any, should aesthetics play? These questions are the beginning which leads us to the exciting question, “Where do we go from here?” This is a poignant question full of possibility and offers myriad directions for artists to embark on their life of making relevant Art. They don’t play nice, but they do play big and fearlessly. We congratulate them on their achievement and help launch their careers.