Mitsunori Kurashige 倉重光則





展覧会概要 *English Below


この度、KOKI ARTSでは、倉重光則「UNDERGROUND」展を開催致します。本展では、倉重の平面の新作を展示致します。 







KOKI ARTS is proud to host Mitsunori Kurashige's solo exhibition, "UNDERGROUND". "UNDERGROUND" will showcase Kurashige's new 2D works.


Throughout his career, Kurashige has been careful in the usage of "squares" and "frames" in his works. Fluorescent lights have also been an important part of his works since 1970. When Kurashige was still an art student, he was placing lights on sheets of newspaper spread on the floor in an attempt to light one of his paintings a different way. The unintentional result was that the light, which is of course essential in making something visible, was too bright and made it impossible to read the newspaper. Ever since this incident, he has been focusing on light, not as a tool for seeing, but light itself.


UNDERGROUND means "something hidden beneath the ground, not visible". Kurashige refers to UNDERGROUND as "a world of senses where eyes are not needed". He has been depicting the "inner " and "outer" existences in his works, but In "UNDERGROUND", the viewer is also reminded of perpendicular lines, the horizon, and the space of the invisible.